Fall in LOVE with the Artist Within

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get your fill of chocolates, flowers, and love notes today. Know that you are loved and appreciated. I am so grateful for your contribution to this amazing community of artists. 

I also hope that you commit to falling in LOVE with the “Artist Within” today. Give your inner artist a little love, grace, and compassion today (and everyday). 

There truly is an artist within you just waiting to be set free. It doesn’t matter your age or current skill level, there is an artist inside of you ready to be discovered, ignited, and shared with the world. 

Approach your artistry from a place of love because you LOVE your voice,  your instrument, or your art. Take time to discover and ignite this artist within because you LOVE them and want to nurture them, not because you don’t!

I often hear people say things like, “I hate my voice” OR “I can’t sing” OR “I am a terrible artist” OR “I have no rhythm”. These comments sadden me because artistry is a skill to be developed and mastered just like any other skill. No one is born knowing how to play the guitar. There is a progression of physical and emotional readiness, then skill development. It takes time, patience, and practice. 

Decide and COMMIT to work on your artistry today because you love it; and because you want to improve and enhance your artistic skills and learn to better express yourself. You will be much more successful and find greater enjoyment in the process if you begin from a place of love and passion for your art NOT hate. 

Here are five steps to help you fall in love with the “Artist Within” this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Be Kind to yourself.  Offer yourself some grace. Learning a new skill is challenging. It takes time and patience. How we talk to ourselves about our abilities greatly affects our success and overall enjoyment of the learning process. Artistry can feel particularly vulnerable and personal – be gentle with yourself.  Your mind and thoughts are interconnected with your body’s function, coordination, and performance. Build and grow from your strengths.  
  2. BELIEVE that you CAN and WILL succeed. If you have always wanted to learn an artistic skill and develop your artistry – NOW is the time. There is never a perfect time to begin. Make the decision to commit to investing in yourself and your artistic goals. Then BELIEVE your inner artist is meant to be developed and given a voice.  
  3.  Work with a teacher or mentor you TRUST. Building a positive and nurturing relationship with an arts educator or community that you trust is the key to your success as an artist. You need a collaborative partner(s) to encourage and support your growth. Someone who understands your goals and will work with you to achieve them.  
  4. Set clear and attainable GOALS and then prioritize them! What have you always wanted to accomplish? Write down your goals and clearly articulate them to your teacher or mentor.  
  5. Create a daily PRACTICE routine. Create time in your schedule each day for dedicated practice. It can be as little as 10-15 minutes per day. Small, consistent practice sessions are more effective than one big power practice session per week. Commit the time to hone your skills as an artist.  Consistent and regular practice builds confidence, resilience, motivation, and skill: preparing you to share your art with others and the world.

These five steps will help you be more focused, engaged, and invested in the process of developing as an artist and ultimately help you fall in love with your inner artist. We can find a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment when we commit to our artistic goals and personal development. Your goals and dreams matter. Don’t look externally for this validation, look inward. You are worthy.

One of my favourite teaching moments this week came from one of my youngest students. After attempting a new song, she turned to me and said, “You know how some people are born to do hard things? I was not. I was born to do easy things!” A huge smile crept across my face (kids say the cutest things). But here’s the truth, we CAN do hard things. Developing an artistic skill is hard work. It takes physical and mental co-ordination, emotional vulnerability, and time. In a world where instant gratification is commonplace, we must commit the time and energy required for personal transformation. It’s worth the effort. When you approach artistry from a place of love and put in the work, you will find success and an unshakeable confidence in yourself and your abilities. 

Fall in love with the artist within. It’s the most rewarding experience. I promise you, you won’t regret it. 

With love and gratitude,
Andrea “showing love to the artist within” Donais

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