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From novice to performing artist in just nine months.

Do these thoughts resonate with you?

  • Do you struggle to believe that you or your child could actually become a performing artist?
  • Have you or your child always wanted to learn to play an instrument, or learn to sing?
  • Do you get nervous at the thought of performing on stage?

Let us help you discover…

singing lessons at donais studios

You are not alone (I promise!)

Many children, youth and adults struggle to believe that they can actually become a performing artist. We have created a powerful pedagogy so you can transform from a novice to a performing artist in just nine months.

There truly is...

This program teaches you how to...





guitar lessons

What's Included...

  • 34 weekly private lessons.
  • 3 flex weeks for missed or cancelled lessons.
  • All lesson books and materials.
  • Online Resource Library with warm-up videos, technique videos, accompaniment tracks, tips & tricks, practice prompts, and more.
  • Curriculum and instruction.
  • 2 formal performances (December 2022 and June 2023).
  • 2 student-only Coffee House performances and an adult-only Sip & Sing.
  • One collaborative arts masterclass or workshop.
  • Optional: RCM examinations, festivals, and audition preparation.
  • In-person or Virtual Lesson Format.


a New Generation of Artists

We give our students the tools to become confident performing artists through a powerful pedagogy, a beautiful and inspiring studio environment, passionate and effective artist-educators, intentional performance opportunities and an incredible community of artists.


I was learning how to sing from scratch at the age of 29. Andrea and I worked together for almost a year and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. She was extremely patient and supportive of the songs I chose and the direction I wanted to go in but also gave her professional input on how I should use my voice based on what I had to work with.

This experience laid down an incredible foundation for me that I can use with other teachers and coaches in the future if/when I choose to now that I’ve moved away from Newmarket.

Andrea is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. She is worth every penny and every moment.
Meet, Chrystal!
Learning how to sing with effortless freedom has always been a dream of mine and while I can't say it is entirely effortless yet, vocal coaching lessons with Andrea have been a very freeing and fulfilling experience for me. Andrea has a very natural teaching style and I very quickly felt at ease singing (and making a wide variety of odd sounds) with her.

As we have progressed, I have been blown away by Andrea's perceptiveness for laser-targeting areas for improvement, her choral expertise and accurate ear--even on Zoom lessons. I moved overseas a few months ago, and Andrea was willing and flexible to continue lessons virtually, which, from my perspective, provides every bit of the value of an in-person lesson.

With her coaching, over the course of 6-months, I've gained tons of new techniques and breathing practices to achieve a clearer, more natural voice. Singing is becoming a lifelong passion for me and I am so glad to have begun this journey with Andrea.
Meet, Sarah!
Donais Studios offers an excellent music and arts program. Andrea and her team are not only exceptionally talented musicians and artists,they are fantastic teachers. My son looks forward to his piano lessons each week and has thrived and excelled under Andrea’s patient instruction and guidance.

We are thrilled with our experience at Donais Studios and would recommend lessons with them to anyone interested in a top-shelf music and arts program.
Meet, Cathy!
“I have been singing at Donais Studios for a little over a year now. Being involved in their choir, community activities, concerts and experiencing the warmth and reassurance from my fellow performers in our monthly coffee houses has boosted my confidence beyond belief. As someone that struggled with anxiety in social situations, Andrea’s encouraging small steps and the amazing support of the Donais community has had a positive affect in my life, especially at school and with friends. Music is a strong passion of mine and the members and staff at Donais Studios share a similar passion that has provided the confidence to share my voice even beyond the studio!”
Meet, Kailey!
andrea as a child with her father
Andrea, age 3

Meet the Founder & Creator, Andrea Donais

I have had the honour and privilege of working with countless artists throughout my career as an educator, singer and choral conductor. Helping my students find the artist within has been my greatest joy and life’s passion. When my students find the artist within – they discover a voice, a confidence and a grit they never knew they had.

My dad was a Musical Director at our local theatre. From a very young age I would spend my weekends at the theatre with my dad in the green room or backstage observing artists giving their all for hours on end. I was in awe of the dedication, passion and energy these individuals exuded. I would quietly practice the songs and dances in the corner, thinking no one was watching. Well, at the age of 3, they put me on stage in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. My studious practicing (and quite likely my attempt to avoid boredom) had landed me my first gig!

This (and many other) positive performance experiences throughout my life have undoubtedly shaped who I am as a person and an artist. I want these same transformative experiences for you. The Artist Within program intentionally creates positive performance experiences that are transformational and build key life skills – resilience, confidence and grit – that will transport into all aspects of life. There is something very special, powerful and even magical about the performing arts!


Andrea Donais

BMUS, MMUS, RCM certified teacher

Who is this program for?

Children, youth and adults of all ages and levels of experience looking to build confidence, skill and a love for music through the transformative power of the performing arts. 

Monthly fees starting at $120/month.


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