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From novice to performing artist in just nine months.

Do these thoughts resonate with you?

  • Do you struggle to believe that you or your child could actually become a performing artist?
  • Have you or your child always wanted to learn to play an instrument, or learn to sing?
  • Do you get nervous at the thought of performing on stage?

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About Us

We give our students the tools to become confident performing artists through a powerful pedagogy, a beautiful and inspiring studio environment, passionate and highly qualified teaching artists, intentional performance opportunities, and an incredible community of artists.

Many children, youth and adults struggle to believe that they can actually become a performing artist. We have created a powerful pedagogy so you can transform from a novice to a performing artist in just nine months.

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Andrea Donais

Amelia DePiero

Lian Senior


Andrea Donais

Asher Farber

Lian Senior


Asher Farber

Amelia DePiero

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Program Inclusions

Our programs are all-inclusive. Once you are registered for one of our programs all materials and artistic instruction are included in your monthly tuition fee. The only additional fees you may incur are: collaborative pianist fees, concert tickets, and optional external fees (ie. Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations or Music Festivals).

  • Weekly Instruction – 34 Weekly Private Lessons
  • Flex Weeks – 4 Flex Weeks for up to 3 missed or cancelled lessons.
  • Books & Materials – All required books and materials.
  • The Artist Within Practice Program – A proprietary practice program to help artists create a daily practice routine that they LOVE and COMMIT to. 
  • The Artist Within Hub Access – Access to our exclusive online resource library with warm-up videos, technique videos, practice tracks, tips & tricks, practice prompts, and more. 
  • Two Formal Performances – December 14, 2024 & June 14, 2025
  • Two Informal Performances  – 2 student-only Coffee House performances and an adult-only Sip & Sing.
  • In-person or Virtual Lesson Format

the details of your 2024/2025 Season




$136 per month

(September 2024-June 2025)



$204 per month

(September 2024-June 2025)



$272 per month

(September 2024-June 2025)



$408 per month

(September 2024-June2025)

Register more than one family member (immediate family only) in the Artist Within program and receive a 5% discount on the tuition fee for the 2nd program registrant. The discount applies to the tuition fee(s) of equal of lesser value. One 5% discount per registrant.


a New Generation of Artists

We give our students the tools to become confident performing artists through a powerful pedagogy, a beautiful and inspiring studio environment, passionate and effective artist-educators, intentional performance opportunities and an incredible community of artists.

hear from our wonderful community

The Impact of the Arts

Shivani works as an Engineer in the Electricity Sector. By committing to weekly voice lessons, Shivani has been encouraged to stay consistent with her artistic practice and it is allowing her to carve out more time for herself and her hobbies and interests.

Shivani believes that her artistic practice has strengthened her view of herself, her confidence, and her self-trust. "I feel like in terms of self trust, it [my artistic practice] has shown me that if I work at something enough, I can do it. A lot of the things that I have done are things I thought would be cool, but then I actually tried - and with practice, was able to do it.”

private voice student

Harrison is a Grade 12 student entering a Music and Business Administration program next year. Harrison shares, “The biggest thing I find about my art is the ability to say something that I didn’t know that I felt.”

Having something he enjoyed doing that he could watch himself advancing in was really beneficial to his self-confidence. “With vocal music, it’s cool because people don’t really expect you to be interested in it as a guy.” Having music as an outlet helped Harrison develop his self-trust and confidence. “Without music my life would be so much more boring.”

private voice student

Avery is a Grade 8 student. She has been taking voice lessons since 2020 and is a member of RISE. Avery has a passion for acting and musical theatre.

Avery feels that her involvement with the arts has guided her to have more trust in herself and has enhanced her confidence, not just in performing, but in life.

“I’m more confident - before covid I was super shy and didn’t talk much. Now I am more extroverted and I have more confidence in myself after every performance.”

private voice student

Meet the Founder & Creator, Andrea Donais

I have had the honour and privilege of working with countless artists throughout my career as an educator, singer and choral conductor. Helping my students find the artist within has been my greatest joy and life’s passion. When my students find the artist within – they discover a voice, a confidence and a grit they never knew they had.

My dad was a Musical Director at our local theatre. From a very young age I would spend my weekends at the theatre with my dad in the green room or backstage observing artists giving their all for hours on end. I was in awe of the dedication, passion and energy these individuals exuded. I would quietly practice the songs and dances in the corner, thinking no one was watching. Well, at the age of 3, they put me on stage in “Jesus Christ Superstar”. My studious practicing (and quite likely my attempt to avoid boredom) had landed me my first gig!

This (and many other) positive performance experiences throughout my life have undoubtedly shaped who I am as a person and an artist. I want these same transformative experiences for you. The Artist Within program intentionally creates positive performance experiences that are transformational and build key life skills – resilience, confidence and grit – that will transport into all aspects of life. There is something very special, powerful and even magical about the performing arts!


Andrea Donais

BMUS, MMUS, RCM certified teacher


Join us for the Donais Studios 2024/2025 Season!

Private Lessons Program

is for children, youth, and adults of all ages and levels of experience looking to build confidence, skill, and a love for music through the transformative power of the performing arts.

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