Andrea Donais is a music educator, voice teacher and choral conductor who has dedicated her career to teaching and inspiring young artists. She is passionate about creating collaborative arts learning environments designed to build confidence, critical thinking and strong communication skills in developing artists. Andrea holds a M.Mus from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music.


I may live with the most positive kid ever!    V proclaims almost daily: “Best. Day. Ever.”    I’m not exaggerating. The smallest things can light her up.    She found a marker she had been missing. She remembered the “missing” lyric to a song. She went tobogganing and met a new friend. She figured …

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What’s your story?

Storytelling is powerful.    Have you noticed a lot of chatter about “storytelling” lately?   Audible is known as the ‘Home of Storytelling’.    Joanna Gaines released her new book “The Stories We Tell: Every Piece of Your Story Matters”.    It seems that every week there is a new biography or autobiography available on …

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The Art of Creating an Effective Container

In my business coaching session last week, my business coach ~ the one-and-only Eleanor Beaton ~ was teaching us about containers. No, not tupperware containers! She was referring to the energetic containers we create within and for our business. The container is HOW we organize and deliver our programming as service-based and impact-driven business owners. This …

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