Do these thoughts resonate with you?

  • Do you love to sing?
  • Do you struggle to express yourself?
  • Do you enjoy collaborating with other arts-loving individuals? 
  • Do you struggle with confidence and being understood? 
  • Are you looking for a community where your voice matters?

Join us and share… 


You are not alone (I promise!)

Many youth struggle to believe that their voice truly matters and can have a huge impact. We have created a transformative experience for young singers to use their voice in collaboration with others to affect powerful and positive change in our community through the beauty of artistry and storytelling.

There truly is...

Prep Choir Program Details… 








Winter Concert – December 11

“Broadway: Seen” – February 11

“A Little Bit of Jazz” – May 27

Spring Concert – June 10

Location: Old Town Hall, Newmarket

Choir Program Details… 








Winter Concert – December 11

“Broadway: Seen” – February 11

“A Little Bit of Jazz” – May 27

Spring Concert – June 10

Location: Old Town Hall, Newmarket

What's Included...

  • Weekly Instruction
  • Choral Training
  • Music
  • Music Folder
  • Online Resource Library
  • RISE Sweatshirt
  • RISE T-Shirt
  • Two formal performances
  • Two community performances
  • Choir Retreat


a New Generation of Artists

This auditioned choral ensemble is a community of genuine, intentional, and inspirational young voices. Choral singing has a special way of connecting us to one another, our humanity and the world around us. 

RISE empowers young singers to show up in the world with commitment, conviction and connection through the beauty of artistry and creative storytelling.

Come sing with us and let your voice RISE



I have been singing at Donais Studios for a little over a year now. Being involved in their choir, community activities, concerts and experiencing the warmth and reassurance from my fellow performers in our monthly coffee houses has boosted my confidence beyond belief. As someone that struggled with anxiety in social situations, Andrea’s encouraging small steps and the amazing support of the Donais community has had a positive affect in my life, especially at school and with friends. Music is a strong passion of mine and the members and staff at Donais Studios share a similar passion that has provided the confidence to share my voice even beyond the studio!
Meet, Kailey!
Donais Studios offers an excellent music and arts program. Andrea and her team are not only exceptionally talented musicians and artists,they are fantastic teachers. My son looks forward to his piano lessons each week and has thrived and excelled under Andrea’s patient instruction and guidance.

We are thrilled with our experience at Donais Studios and would recommend lessons with them to anyone interested in a top-shelf music and arts program.
Meet mom, Cathy!
andrea donais teacher

Meet the Founder & Creator, Andrea Donais

I have had the honour and privilege of working with countless artists throughout my career as an educator, singer and choral conductor. Helping my students find the artist within and their authentic voice has been my greatest joy and life’s passion. When my students find the artist within – they discover a voice, a confidence and a resilience they never knew they had.

Looking back, having a community of like-minded, arts-loving friends as a teenager was instrumental to my social, artistic and personal development. Having a place where I belonged, where I fit in, where I thrived was the greatest gift of my childhood. Choir was that community for me. I developed deep friendships with teens who shared my interests and genuinely cared about me. The music we shared, the stories we told, connected us in a unique way. I learned early on that my voice mattered, my musicianship mattered, I mattered. We were a team connected by music and artistry. My confidence grew as we collaborated and performed for audiences near and far. We encouraged and inspired one another, we traveled together, we learned and grew together, we became confident, expressive and empowered young people. Choral music transformed us and gave us a voice.

This (and many other) positive performance experiences throughout my life have undoubtedly shaped who I am as a person and an artist. I want these same transformative experiences for you. The RISE choral experience intentionally creates positive choral experiences that are transformational and build key life skills – confidence, self-awareness, self-expression and resilience – that will transport into all aspects of life. There is something very special, powerful and even magical about the performing arts!


Andrea Donais

BMUS, MMUS, RCM certified teacher

Who is this program for?

Singers grades 3-12 who love to sing and are looking for a community to collaborate and share their voice with. Join us and let your voice RISE. 

All voices rise. Past. Present. Future. 

Schedule your audition and FREE coaching session now for September 2022 entrance. 

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