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Donais Studios is a collaborative arts studio located in the historic district of Newmarket, ON. We are on a mission to inspire a new generation of artists through the transformative power of the arts. We help our students ignite and discover The Artist Within. Our vision is to be a leader for our community in arts education: reimagining the way arts education looks and feels. 

We provide transformative arts education experiences for youth, adults, and families of all ages and levels of experience. Through collaborative arts education
programming, innovative curriculum, and creative thought leadership; artists are empowered to truly see what they are capable of and to reach their full potential.

We give our students the tools to become confident performing artists through a
powerful pedagogy, a beautiful and inspiring studio environment, passionate and highly qualified artist-educators, intentional performance opportunities, and an incredible community of artists. Come work with us and awaken The Artist Within.

Our arts education programs are designed to meet the individual needs, interests, and artistic goals of each individual artist. We truly believe that there is The Artist Within each one of us. Discover our private lessons program, The Artist Within.
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group classes

The power of collaboration and community in the arts is undeniable. Exploring the arts in a small group format inspires, encourages, and nurtures creativity while having a BLAST with friends. 

Check out our offerings below. 

Our signature Mini Maestros small group classes introduce inquisitive young artists to the fundamental skills of artistry in the areas of singing and visual arts. 

A playful and collaborative approach to building creativity, confidence, and skill: igniting The Artist Within.

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Does your child LOVE to sing? Choir is the perfect place to begin!
Build confidence, skill and friendships that will last a lifetime. There is no experience that compares to singing in a choir with beautiful voices and harmonies surrounding you. The voices of friends who lift you up, encourage you and share beautiful stories with you.  

RISE Prep Choir (Grades 2-6) and RISE Choir (Grades 6-12) want YOU to join them for the 2023/2024 Season. Schedule your “Meet with Us” and free coaching session today!

 Join us and let your voice RISE.

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My daughter has always been an introvert and very nervous and anxious to do anything away from our home or family. Donais Studios and the vocal group singing class has been such a huge blessing to her and our family. She is always eager to attend her group class and has built confidence in the comfortable and familiar setting of Donais Studios. She actually prefers to sing in the group setting, and has improved not only in her musical abilities but in her self-esteem as well.
Learning how to sing with effortless freedom has always been a dream of mine and while I can't say it is entirely effortless yet, vocal coaching lessons with Andrea have been a very freeing and fulfilling experience for me. Andrea has a very natural teaching style and I very quickly felt at ease singing (and making a wide variety of odd sounds) with her.

As we have progressed, I have been blown away by Andrea's perceptiveness for laser-targeting areas for improvement, her choral expertise and accurate ear--even on Zoom lessons. I moved overseas a few months ago, and Andrea was willing and flexible to continue lessons virtually, which, from my perspective, provides every bit of the value of an in-person lesson.

With her coaching, over the course of 6-months, I've gained tons of new techniques and breathing practices to achieve a clearer, more natural voice. Singing is becoming a lifelong passion for me and I am so glad to have begun this journey with Andrea.
I have been singing at Donais Studios for a little over a year now. Being involved in their choir, community activities, concerts and experiencing the warmth and reassurance from my fellow performers in our monthly coffee houses has boosted my confidence beyond belief. As someone that struggled with anxiety in social situations, Andrea’s encouraging small steps and the amazing support of the Donais community has had a positive affect in my life, especially at school and with friends. Music is a strong passion of mine and the members and staff at Donais Studios share a similar passion that has provided the confidence to share my voice even beyond the studio!
These art classes have really improved my skill as an artist and I’ve learned so many incredible tips to help me in the future when i’m painting or doing anything art related. Catherine is an incredible teacher and an even more incredible person. She is so patient and kind with everyone and that’s exactly what you need when doing a program like this. These classes have been nothing but enjoyable, and I hope to do more in the future!

Our Studios

Creating an optimal environment for learning and discovery is essential for success. The Maloney House, established in 1823, is one of the original farmsteads of the area and home to Donais Studios.

This historic home provides an inspiring atmosphere for artistic development and creates a beautiful connection to the past. During recent renovations, we found 100-year-old recital programs within our walls.

This home has held a love for music for well over a century. Continuing this tradition, Donais Studios creates a warm and inviting space to learn, grow, and develop as an artist.

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Schedule your free 30 minute Introductory Lesson with a Donais Studios artistic team member. Get to know us and let us get to know you! If you are looking to develop a new skill or to further your artistic passion – let us help you discover The Artist Within

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