3 Life Lessons I Learned From my Mother

In business, we often hear “What is your WHY?” Business leaders and coaches preach that business owners and entrepreneurs must keep their “WHY” at the centre of all they do. 

So this begs the question, what is my “WHY”? 

The answer is long, but if I were to share with you a condensed and concise answer; here it is.
  • I do what I do because I love and care for people deeply. 
  • I truly want each and every person that I work with to BELIEVE in themselves and their abilities. 
  • I want each individual to find their confidence and inner strength: their resilience and grit. 
  • I believe, no, I KNOW, that the arts offer a transformative path for finding this inner strength, which leads to the confidence to express freely, to listen deeply, and to show up in the world with conviction, commitment and connection. 

This is why I do what I do. This is why I care so deeply about helping individuals discover The Artist Within. The Artist Within is a beautiful and wise teacher. A teacher that will stay with you for life – just like the lessons we learn from mom!

As I have been reflecting on motherhood and my mom this Mother’s Day, I realize that my “Why” is rooted in three big life lessons that I learned from my mom. 

# 1 – Women are strong and capable. Women can achieve anything. 

For most of my childhood my mom worked for her family business. It was a male-dominated industry and there were very few female employees. That didn’t stop my mom or deter her focus. She was determined to learn every piece of the family business. 

My mom gave 110% everyday and was fully committed to every role she took on within the business. She rarely took holidays or days off. My mom took courses, asked the hard questions, and put herself out there: doing whatever she could to become better educated in her industry and the best in her field. It’s not surprising that she won several awards for her work and prizes for top performance in the industry. *insert humble brag🙂 

My mom believed she could do it, she put in the hard work and effort, showed up with conviction and commitment, and proved that women are more than capable.

#2 – Resilience

Although my mom proved that she was effective, capable and dedicated to becoming a leader in the family business, it became clear that being a “woman” was eventually going to hold her back. 

This was hurtful and frustrating for her, but as a young girl, I watched my mom with grace and laser focus make the difficult decision to leave the family business and pursue a career that aligned with her heart and her greater “why” in life. 

My mom went back to school while working full time to pursue a second career in social work, family services and counseling.  A career that she absolutely loved: helping others in their greatest moments of need. Her strength and resilience in trying times has always had a big impact on me. Rising above when life gets difficult or the path that we believe we should be on changes direction. 

#3 – People and community matter more than anything. 

My mom has a huge heart for her family, her clients and her church community. My mom goes out of her way to make sure that people – all people –  feel loved, supported, and believed in. People matter. Community matters. This is a lesson that I am forever grateful for. 

 I am so grateful for my mom’s example of a strong, independent and resilient woman, who cares deeply for others. 

What is your “why”? Have you developed the confidence and inner strength to show up in the world with commitment and conviction to live out your “why”. We all have a unique and special purpose in this life. What is yours? 

Happy Mother’s Day to the amazing moms out there! 


Andrea “impact-driven” Donais

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