Mini Maestros Summer Camp Programs

Camper Information


Parent/Guardian Information

Camp Policies and Confirmation

Consent to Participate & Assumption of Risk

By signing this form, I, a parent or guardian of the participant, acknowledge that I am aware that there are risks associated with the Donais Studios Mini Maestros Summer Camp. I declare that I have accurately disclosed all information regarding physical, mental or medical conditions affecting the named participant and acknowledge that this information may be used by Donais Studios staff in the creation and delivery of the Mini Maestros Summer Camp program. I acknowledge that there are potential risks for injury involved in camp activities, including, but not limited to; walking excursions to Fairy Lake, Riverwalk Commons Splash Pad and the Tom Taylor Trail All Our Kids Park. I understand that Donais Studios has tried to create a safe and controlled environment for participation and it has established rules for participation that must be followed by the participant. I understand that failure to comply with any of the policies or rules of Donais Studios may result in termination of participation without refund.

Waiver, Release of Liability and Indemnification

In addition to giving full consent for my child’s participation, I agree to release, save harmless and indemnify Donais Studios and any organization that it owns and their respective employees, volunteers, instructors or agents from and for all losses and/or injuries incurred or suffered from or related to my child’s participation in the Donais Studios Mini Maestros Summer Camp on the Donais Studios premises or by taking part in any of its programs or activities at any facility wherein a Donais Studios event or activity is being held.

Medical Consent

In the event of injury or illness involving my child while attending Donais Studios Mini Maestro Summer Camp, if I and the emergency contact are not immediately available, the Camp Director or his/her representative is authorized to act at their discretion for the welfare and safety of my child.

Photo and Video Release Policy

By registering with Donais Studios, you grant Donais Studios permission to take photographs and videos of you or your child’s participation in Donais Studios activities. You also grant Donais Studios permission to use, reuse, modify, publish, and republish those photographs/videos in any format or media, including print and online, for promotional or instructional purposes. Donais Studios may use the photographs and videos without compensation to you or your child. You waive any rights to prior inspection and approval of the photographs/videos and their use. Donais Studios will not sell such photographs/videos to anyone. Your child’s name will not be posted with his or her photograph without your permission. You waive any claims, demands, and liabilities against Donais Studios for taking and using these photographs/videos. To opt out of Donais Studios’ Photo/Video Release Policy, please send an email to

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